Training and Riding Lessons

Horse Training

Paul Garrison looks back:
As I look back I realize that I have been honoured over the past 45 yrs to have had vast experiences within the training of horses. This is something only a few in two countries have been able to claim. As much as it does not pay well, training it is extremely interesting. Every horse has a different disposition ,history, age and experiences..
I can confess to many mistakes, but have learned many valuable lessons. I can now reach out to your horse …with the experience of taking horses whom are not even halter broke …to jumping a show course, as well as taught them to quietly trail ride through deep cricks, swales, jumping over downed trees.
Horses have come to us and go from being fearful of everything, or spoiled, to becoming quiet around traffic, able to cross bridges, able to open and close gates, stand still to mounted from the ground as well as the mounting block, framing, side passing, roll backs , nice circles , stopping, backing up, sliding stops etc.
I have taught horses that it’s safe and ok to be roped from. I have taught horses to drive, have trained and professionally raced running horses for 5 of those years, and have experience with various stallions.
From my vast education I am able to refresh a horse’s mentality, or persevere upon a horse that has over run its’ owners strengths and experiences by restoring faith, calmness and respect into the horse as well as the owner.
I have had many clinical experiences as a rider and spectator, as well as being the clinician over the last few years .
We all have traveled our roads in life, Some of you are bankers, store keepers , clerks, iron workers, government personal, etc. You are experts in your own fields.
Let me offer you the advantages of my 45 years of professional experience with horses:
From learning to ride as a child at home on the farm, to being the North American Champion Bronc and Bull Rider, to becoming a Master Farrier (graduating from the programs at four schools), to becoming a professional trainer. Working with horses up to their first three months and onward. And five years ago, becoming a licensed racehorse trainer of winning horses.
I have a vast 25 year history of purchasing, training and retraining, then leasing and sales, with the opportunity to learn as well, from approximately 150 horses a year over the last 20 years.
If you need a hand with your horse whether he is a yearling, or 19 years old, it makes no difference. My training has always upped the value of horse and and the security of rider. It is an investment in your horse’s career, your joint success, your safety and security, for only $800 a month.

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Riding Horses- We offer training of young horses or re-schooling of your older horse. Not enough experience or time? We have the experience to handle most bad riding and behavioural issues. English. Western. Trail. Family. Hunters. Jumpers, Gymkhana. Race horses etc.. We can also teach you to ride your own horse during and after training.

Paul Garrison has over 40 years experience which includes 15 years as a Master Farrier. Paul has the unique admirable ability to analyze a horse’s physical condition as well as it’s mental stage, and to progress the horse from that point. He now has the time to take in a few new horses for training. Only $800. per month, for a master trainer, plus the cost of grain, includes board. Horses are stabled during training.

Race Horses

We are a Quarter Horse Racing Training Facility. Paul Garrison is a licensed racehorse trainer, and is fully licensed with the Ontario Racing Commission. Cost is $1200. per month plus grain. Horses are stabled during training.


Riding Lessions

Paul Garrison is available for individual lessons and training sessions for riders with their own horses. Bring your horse to his arena, or he can come to yours for lessons or clinics!

General training and rider education, as well as performance discipline specific: English and western, hunters, jumpers, reiners, pleasure, barrels.