16.3 Thoroughbred Hunter Gelding – SOLD



*SOLD* This 11 yr old TB gelding is on the edge of 17 hands.  Whether you ride local, Trillium or heading to the Royal, he is the show hunter you’ve been looking for.  He is a well proportioned bay with an attractive blaze.  He frames easy, picks up his leads and rides really sweet.  He rides inside and outside at walk, trot, canter and jumps quietly over 3ft 3″ without waver.  This is also the horse you can leave all winter and by spring ride like it was yesterday.  After the winter off, we rode him outside on a cold and breezy day and he proved to be exceptionally agile and steady..  He crossed over a large tarp, rode through the mud, a pond, a creek, went over a hill where he stood still at the top, trotted down the track with cars whizzing by and after a thoughtful look at the lumber pile, walked right over it.  He is by far one of the top ten horses we’ve had here in 30 years.  He does it all – safely and with style.  $7500 or lease for $225 with $750 bond.









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